Information Governance Services for Organizing, Protecting and Repurposing Information and Data
Pharmaceutical and Biotech Company Specialist

Dr. Charlie Sodano

Dr. Charlie Sodano

Pharma / Biotech
Information Manager Subject Matter Expert

e-LabNotebooks & Laboratory Information Management Systems

j0400425I have been involved with ELNs and LIMS for more than 20 years and have initiated and rolled out systems for global companies. This involved hands-on experience in getting management buy-in, enrolling and culture training users and  customization to meet user needs.

Picking the right vendor product is getting more difficult every year. There are many  vendors to pick from, and the field is  changing rapidly.  I know the players and can help you find a solution that works best in your environment and within your budget.


In the last few years there has been an upsurge in the deployment of smart devices that can monitor the progress of lab operations and lab equipment facilitating the remote control of these via the internet.  The Internet of Things (IoT) already has an impact and will continue to grow.