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Dr. Charlie Sodano

Dr. Charlie Sodano

Pharma / Biotech
Information Manager Subject Matter Expert

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Got hooked on Information Management a long time ago when I was involved with looking for new technology to bring into my company. It didn't take long to figure out what an enormous impact this could have. Much greater than implementing a new manufacturing process or new product line.

My first projects concerned converting business processes depending on paper transactions to those utilizing computers. I also did learn first hand, via a personal deposition of the ridiculously high costs involved with litigation. This subsequently led me to institute record retention programs to minimize the risk of having to surrender misleading documents to opposing attorneys  The amount of useless, and potentially damaging information that companies accumulate continues to amaze me. Thousands of boxes of poorly indexed paper records were bad, but terabytes of electronic information, especially e-mail is much worse to deal with.

I became proficient in learning to utilize a variety of search engines and document management software products to help find and analyze vast stores of electronic documents stored in global repositories. This has high value in sorting and organizing information stored on servers.