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Dr. Charlie Sodano

Dr. Charlie Sodano

Pharma / Biotech
Information Manager Subject Matter Expert


discoveryThere is a game that lawyers play at the start of a legal dispute.  The goal is to examine your opponents record collections in a effort to find information that would be favorable to your contentions.  One the other hand, the defense is posturing to minimize costs and exposure by allowing opposition to peruse a minimal sampling of legacy information relating to the subject matter of the case.  In the past, a good strategy was to dump truckloads of paper documents that were loosely related.  This chewed up the opponents resources and postponed exposure of sensitive information.

A prime target of legal discovery these days are email records and back up tapes, especially if you find that your opponent lacks a Records Management Policy and evidence that it is being followed.

The cost of examining terabytes of records can be astronomical, and if not done properly can miss important pieces of information.  There are software tools, using sophisticated search techniques, that help sort big piles into a few smaller ones.  But the computer is not smart enough  to catch everything. At some stage, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) has to sort through the information to verify that the best information has been discovered.

I have the software tools and am an Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding R&D as well as Regulatory Compliance for Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.  My performance will be faster, better and less expensive than most contract vendors.